Life seemed so much simpler back in the days of Don Draper. You could get back home after a long day in the office on the commuter train, which according to Mad Men was never over-crowded, and highly encouraged relaxation methods like smoking cigarettes and reading the evening paper. Or you could just drive drunk back to Ossining. Choose your own adventure! Either way, the romanticized Grand Central of yesteryear is a far cry from the nightmarish reality of today.

If you haven't had the privilege of witnessing the chaotic commuter dance during rush hour or any holiday, consider yourself blessed. During major holidays those fleeing the city are met with lines winding through the grand concourse that you need to wait in if you want to get your golden ticket to board any of the trains... because to make your holiday travel more stressful, you can't get tickets once on the train during those days.

Now CityRoom reports that "a new cluster of 10 additional ticket machines has opened just east of the main concourse, across from the centrally located Hudson News." These new additions bring the grand total of ticket machines to 28, and a spokeswoman for Metro-North "said that long lines, particularly during the holiday season, necessitated the new machines. 'We have to get out the bank ropes to have people snake through.'"

UPDATE: The Metro-North folk have clarified that "It is always possible to buy a ticket on board but purchasing your ticket on the train is a cash-only transaction and the most expensive option. Unless you are a senior citizen, it costs between $5.75 and $6.50 more." They recommend going online to buy your tickets ahead of time.