In 1996, the MTA began a thorough cleaning of Grand Central Terminal's Main Concourse Sky Ceiling, which had been left almost black after years of neglect and pollution. But though New Yorkers can once again look at the backwards zodiac constellations, they just haven't gotten the full effect without the lightbulbs shining behind the stars. The ceiling has been completely dark for the past six-months, but today the Terminal is unveiling new LED lights that will bring a more realistic stargazing experience (much to the chagrin of everyone trying to actually get somewhere).

The new bulbs should last for over five years, and burn about 60% less electricity than the previously used bulbs. They will also be adjusted to accurately represent the intensity of each star, presumably from the vantage point of earth, but perhaps they should adjust them to how they should be seen from the perspective of the gods. After all, that's how the ceiling was designed.