2006_09_saltshaker.jpgAtlantic Yards Report, the great blog that's following and challenging the Atlantic Yards Report, has a good look at a Crain's Business poll. Crain's reported that 60% of people supported the behemoth project, because of the housing and jobs it would bring. The number is even 60% in Brooklyn, though 33% oppose it (vs. 25% citywide). Atlantic Yards Reports questions wonders if the polled really have a sense of what the project is about. For instance, Crains states, "The Crain's poll indicates that 28% of Brooklynites and 20% of New Yorkers are following the issue closely"; the AYR writes, "Maybe that's because most people don't know what the costs are, or have seen graphics that show the scale of the project, or have been told about the immense flaws in the DEIS."

It'd be interesting if a poll did ask people if they felt informed about the issues - and then if the pollster gave people some of the pros and cons and asked questions about support all over again.

Gothamist on the Altantic Yards.