Photographs by sarahheiman on Flickr (1, 2)

Apparently when you run onto Yankee Stadium's field during NYU graduation exercises, you also get banned from other graduation events. William Lopez, super recent NYU film school graduate, told the Daily News he couldn't attend the "salute" to NYU film students but was still proud of his antics, "It was the best moment of my life." Well, that's what the pricey tuition is for!

As video showed, the crowd of graduates and their friends and family were cheering Lopez on. Though one student thought the 22-year-old "runs like Posada" (ouch!), most were full of praise: "He's going to always be remembered as the guy who ran around the bases and got tackled, which is pretty cool." Another said, "There was no need to have him tackled to the ground by four or five people and arrested on the field."

Lopez told WCBS 2, "The school taught me to be a creative person and to express myself freely and it was definitely a liberating moment." Liberating enough to have a court date in July.