2006_02_pioneerbar.jpgPolice now say that the John Jay School of Criminal Justice graduate student was gang-raped before being strangled to death and dumped on a Brooklyn road. The last contact with 24 year old Imette St. Guillen was a call she made to one of her friends at 3AM Saturday morning; 911 received a tip about a body at 8:43PM that night. Police have been retracing St. Guillen's stepsPioneer Bar on Bowery, in order to figure out if she'd been seen at any other bars or if surveillance cameras captured her - the mystery being how she ended up 9 miles away in Brooklyn, especially with her home on the Upper West Side.
The Post says the police have dusted the payphone at a diner on Linden Boulevard for prints - they think this is where the 911 call may have been made. The Daily News has gruesome details about how she was found, with the murderer "brutally raping her, chopping her dark hair and stuffing a tube sock down her throat. Then he wrapped her face in tape and dumped her nude, bound body off a Brooklyn road."

St. Guillen's family has been moving her belongings from her apartment. She would have turned 25 on Thursday. And the co-ed angle of this case reminds Gothamist of the horrible 2003 kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of Ramona Moore, whose attackers are on trial now.