The man who walked into a Gowanus ironworks yesterday and shot two employees before killing himself was looking for a job. According to the Daily News, the man was told to speak with a manager, and minutes later he fired on the employees, both of whom survived.

The Times reports that after shooting the two victims, the gunman, 54-year-old Cameron Waithe, tossed a set of keys and a fake bomb out to police before killing himself inside a storage room. The keys belonged to his minivan, which contained a shotgun.

The two employees were hit in the shoulder and the torso, and both are in stable condition. A witness described Waithe as "quiet, calm, nice, polite" before he began shooting.

"There was 45 minutes of dialogue and then, unprovoked, he just shot himself," Jack Cambria, the NYPD's head of the hostage negotiation team told the News. "We thought we had a good dialogue going."