Whole Foods' on-again/off-again relationship with Gowanus is on again! The grocery store has officially declared that they'll be moving into the neighborhood, Superfund be damned. According to a letter Brownstoner posted, here's what locals can expect when the 52,000-square-foot shop sets up at the corner of 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue:

Our planned new store will be approx. 52,000 square feet, which is about 25% smaller than the store we had previously proposed for this site. We believe this site plan—which continues to feature a 40 foot public esplanade for our neighbors to enjoy—will simply work better within the parameters of the property.

We have reduced the number of parking spaces on-site from 430 to 248, which eliminates our previous need for a separate parking structure and allows all of the parking to be at-grade in a surface parking lot. The store will feature parking for both energy efficient vehicles as well as specially designated recharging stations for electric powered vehicles. The lot will also include bike parking in front of the store and along the promenade. Whole Foods Market will also offer delivery for area residents.

With parking now no longer needed on the store roof either, we have been presented with the opportunity to include one of the most exciting and innovative features ever included in a Whole Foods Market: A 20,000 square foot greenhouse located on the roof of the store that will grow fresh, organic produce right on-site!

Can't wait to stroll along the Superfund site promenade with an overpriced organic juice and some butt-meat (hold the cheddar).