Gov. Paterson's teenage son was given a juvi report but not charged after cops caught him playing dice and then found him in possession of a credit card that didn't have his name on it. Alex Paterson's dad was cavalier about the incident; judging by the governor's comments on a morning talk show, it sounds like the 15-year-old won't even be grounded!

The juvenile report filed on Alex Paterson said he was "loitering for the purposes of gambling" reported the NY Times. Paul J. Browne, a spokesman for the Police Department, said officers approached a group of five dice-playing boys who “appeared to be gambling” at 12:46 p.m. in front of a building at 4 Amsterdam Avenue. Three boys identified themselves and were released and one boy, who refused to identify himself, was found to be in possession of cans of spray paint. He got the same report as Paterson Jr., and an additional charge for having "instruments of graffiti." The fifth boy, Alex Paterson, made the mistake of forking over the bank card when asked to identify himself. He told police he found it.

On "Imus in the Morning" Gov. Paterson called his son's arrest a "non-issue." He said the kids weren't betting money on their sidewalk game, just playing. Alex, he said, "feels he didn't do anything wrong." There were no charges on the mysterious prepaid card, which had been reported lost, not stolen, according to the Post