Two long-festering plans could come together: Redeveloping Governor's Island and bringing car racing to NYC. The NY Sun reports that the Indy Racing League might be interested in including a Governor's Island race in its circuit. A spokesman told the Sun:

"Governors Island certainly is something that has come up, but in terms of definitive plans, we still have a long way to go. We've had some discussions with people in the greater New York City area [ including the agency overseeing the island's development]. No single idea has been approved or shot down."

Huh, "Greater New York City" could mean anything. And thought Indy Racing says there's a long way to go, given the way the development of Governor's Island has been going, waiting probably isn't a problem.

The Sun also reports that the head of the Governor's Island Preservation and Education Corporation told the city that developers would be asked to design different parts of Governor's Island (previously, developers offered overarching plans for the whole island's future). In January, GIPEC announced five finalists for the park and open space design.

One interesting thing is that apparently the Indy Racing League (which includes drivers like Dario Franchitti (Mr. Ashley Judd), Sam Hornish Jr., and Danica Patrick) started to allow courses with city roads. We've never understood the allure of watching a car on an oval track, but a car race on city streets is something else. Of course, last December, NASCAR's plans to bring a racetrack to Staten Island came to screeching halt.