It makes total sense: The city has announced that the New York Harbor School may move to the Governors Island and be its first tenant. amNewYork notes the specialized public school, which teaches students about maritime issues, is currently landlocked in Bushwick. The NY Harbor School's program director is thrilled and the Governors Island Alliance calls it a "positive thing." GIA's Robert Pirani tells AMNY, "It sets the tone for the island as being a place for New York City, for being about education, for being about the harbor -- as opposed to being a casino, which has nothing to do with those things."

Of course, various agencies, including the Department of Education, have to approve the move. AMNY also updates the latest from the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation. The top ten ideas from developers that were revealed in August, which ranged from a Nickelodeon theme park to a New Globe Theater, are a no-go. GIPEC wants to concentrate on developing parkland and the 2.2 mile promenade to "become home to a diverse array of commercial and not-for-profit enterprises." Five park proposals will be put on display next summer before a design is selected.