Remember how Governor Paterson had to personally sign over 6,700 line items for veto last week? Well, his staff delivered them to the Legislature. Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook said, "We are not negotiating. These vetoes have been this point, what needs to happen is that the Senate needs to pass a revenue bill and then the budget is complete." In case you forgot, the state budget was due on April 1.

The Post, which also has a photograph of Paterson's staffers carrying reams of vetos, adds, "The final budget weighed in at $134.4 billion -- roughly $400 million bigger than the spending plan Paterson proposed in January -- despite the governor's 6,681 vetoes totaling $720 million. Paterson zeroed out $530 million in spending added by the Legislature, including a $419 million restoration to Paterson's proposed $1.1 billion cut to school aid. He also hit lawmakers where it really hurts, slashing $190 million in cherished election-year legislative pork-barrel projects." For instance, the Brooklyn Public Library isn't getting over $200,000 and the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty is out $640,000.