In an exclusive interview with NY1, Governor Paterson discussed his 2010 prospects and revealed that he wouldn't mind appearing on Saturday Night Live, which has skewered him repeatedly. In fact, Paterson also dissed the show, "I've offered to come on 'Saturday Night Live' because I thought I would help them get the ratings. Because clearly that humor that they had when they first had Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi... has gone [with] this [current] cast of characters. I thought I would show some benevolence as governor and help them out a little bit."

Then again, doesn't Paterson, who has an approval rating of 20%, need some ratings help? He admitted, "I'm not going to look at the polls. I'm going to do what I think is right. And I'm going to hope when the public reviews me.... You know, there was a guy with 19 percent [in] poll numbers a few years ago, and everybody had him dead in the water. And he's running very close in a race in New Jersey. His name is Jon Corzine." Dude, when you're comparing yourself to Jon Corzine, you're not in great shape.

And, yes, Paterson said he would run next year and deflected the Andrew Cuomo question with: "I don't know whether he's interested in being governor now. You'd need to have him on and ask him. Why don't you do that?"