Veto-palooza is over—for now. Yesterday, Governor David Paterson completed his marathon of vetoing 6,709 line items that the Assembly and Senate added to his budget. The madness began on Thursday, with Paterson offering his initials to veto over 4,000 porky items; yesterday's session was at the Governor's Mansion, with Paterson knocking out about 2,000 items. According to the Daily Politics, "That's more than $500 million in additional spending he slashed as well as nearly $200 milliion more in member items approved in previous years but still not paid by the state."

But there may be more vetos on the way, because the Legislature loves to submit last minute bills. The Post reports, "The Legislature typically passes a flurry of special-interest-backed bills in the last days of the legislative calendar, when late-night sessions and the sheer volume of activity allow many measures to fly under the radar. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), for instance, passed 607 bills between June 1 and July 1, compared to 1,196 for the entire year."

And for fun, here's video of Assemblyman Jose Rivera (D-Bronx) referring to E.T. and how he wants to go home (that part is around 2:25):