As rumored, Governor Paterson has ordered a special session of the State Senate on Tuesday. WCBS 2 reports, "Paterson said that according to the law, the governor has no authority over the Senate in session, but that once the session ends, he will inconvenience them by compelling them to enter special session, as the Senate inconvenienced New Yorkers." Senate Democrats reportedly support a special session; it has been two weeks since the Republicans plus two dissident Democrats seized power in a coup, but Hiram Monserrate's decision to rejoin the Democrats has thrown the Senate into a 31-31 tie. Paterson also said, "Over the last couple of weeks, the senator's conduct has been laughable, but what's going around here these days is no joke and I don't find it funny. To the senators, I tell you, you have inconvenienced the lives of all New Yorkers for a couple of weeks and now you will come back to work and do the people's business."