Governor Cuomo is confident that we can rid ourselves of the

ticking time bombnuclear power plant Indian Point,

which supplies 30% of New York City's power. He's also sure that we can drum up some replacement power in the meantime: "There is no doubt that we need replacement power if we are close to Indian Point. There is also no doubt that we can find it." From where? Cuomo doesn't say, and as the Daily News reports, the governor "avoided direct answers to a number of questions" during an internet chat with constituents. Yes but does he know of the "draw me like one of your French girls" meme?

Typing from the kitchen in the Governor's Mansion with his press aide by his side (just like the pros!) Cuomo said, "The replacement power issue is not a justification to keep Indian Point operating." Licenses for Indian Point's two reactors must be renewed in 2013 and 2015. "My point has always been safety first and the reward doesn't justify the risk." If that's true, he'd better be blogging with these carpal tunnel braces on.