Ooh...Senator Jon Corzine (left) hinted that he'd be upfor being Governor of NJ - if Governor McGreevey resigned sooner - on Meet the Press yesterday. Corzine noted that he was "sick and tired of picking up the newspaper and seeing New Jersey not recognized for what its good people are about," which Gothamist totally agrees with - except that the corruption stink around McGreevey is much more potent than his outing. Still, it's funny to think that McGreevey will be a more effective governor during his lame-duck period, versus the earlier part of his term. McGreevey wrote in yesterday's Op-Ed section of the NY Times, reasoning why he needs to stay on until November 15 (he has more work to do). The Post looked at the "lonely life" of wife Dina McGreevey, visiting her friends in the Ironbound area of Newark (where, incidentally, you should go if you want some fantastic Brazilian food) and the Daily News notes McGreevey's parents are none too thrilled (father Jack told the DN, "I don't want to be part of this story. It's bad enough I have to read about it every day."). The NY Times had a Style section article about what happens when straight spouses (usually women) realize realize their partners are gay, which seemed to open up the can of worms that is web page histories and caches.