Parts of the Jersey Shore, Long Island and even Connecticut were rocked by some shaking this afternoon, with early speculation that the region was experiencing an earthquake. Beginning just after 2 p.m., people began Tweeting about feeling multiple tremors:

At this time, earthquake rumors have been debunked and the likely culprit identified as a sonic boom.

The New York City Emergency Management confirmed that neither the US Geological Survey nor the Earth Observatory at Columbia University have "identified any seismic activity at this time." The boom appears to have originated in the town of Hammonton, New Jersey and there's speculation it was caused by a military aircraft of some kind in the vicinity.

Exactly what the military wants you to believe.

Update: Defense officials are now saying the sonic boom was caused by testing of F-35C "Lighting II" stealth Joint Strike Fighters.

Yup, definitely not alien technology or anything like that.