2007_04_arnold.jpgCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger muscled into town to promote the Golden state's environmental policies, and he made a strange metaphor in the process. amNew York reported that he compared "'tree-hugging' stigma of environmentalism to the reputation for weirdness that once beset bodybuilders": "The gym used to be thought of as a dungeon for weirdoes and fanatics, but that has changed. Now it's changing for environmentalists." The Sun says it was a joke, but that's pretty lame, though we bet we would have laughed hearing it from Arnold

Schwarzenegger, who has ushered in plans to reduce greenhouse gases and ordered a 10% cut on carbon content in transportation fuel, also said:

Now, there’s a billboard that is out in Michigan that accuses me of costing the car industry 85 billion dollars because of our carbon emission standards that we have set in California. The billboard says, “Arnold to Michigan: Drop dead.” But that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, “Arnold to Michigan: Get off your butt, join us.” In fact, California may be doing more to save the US automakers than anyone else, because what we are doing is pushing Detroit to make the changes so they can sell their cars in the Golden State. And we all know that if they don’t make the changes, someone else will. The Japanese will, the Chinese will, the South Koreans will, the Germans will, and the list goes on and on. I believe in American technology. I believe that it is the American technology that will ultimately save Detroit.

You can read his whole speech here. The Governator pointed out his Hummers run on biofuel and hydrogen fuel. And Arnold is working with MTV to pimp a green car.

More about the California's environmental issues and policies. And earlier this week, the Mayor announced that the city would have to make improvements to combat climate change; he will also be hosting the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit next month.