Today at Gov. Paterson’s campaign kickoff the (perhaps overly) confident-seeming official announced that he’s in it for another four years. "There is one rumor that I will confirm: I am running for governor this year—and I will win this year," Paterson said to about 400 people gathered at Hofstra University. "They haven't knocked us down yet and they never will,'' he added, addressing rumor-mongers who’ve spread talk of sex and drug scandals in the build-up to the announcement.

He continued: "Innuendo and ridicule and false rumors, they leave a long and lasting effect. And it's no surprise that it comes in the middle of a budget process where special interests have a lot to lose, and at the beginning of a campaign...This is not about me. This is about the people of New York,'' he said. Though Paterson taled big, few supported him, reports the Times. The only fellow Dem on stage with him was the mayor of the village of Hempstead, Wayne Hall. A few others were in the audience, but most didn’t attend. Many are thought to be siding with his probable opponent for the Democratic seat, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who has the edge on Paterson in terms of campaign money and voter support.

Meanwhile, the Daily News spoe with the governor’s wife Michelle, who said it “won’t be the end of the world” if her husband’s political career stops here. "It's just politics," she said nonchalantly. "It's petty stuff. Why would I let that upset me. ... I think regular citizens know what's going on."