Police say that Carey Gabay, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's first deputy counsel, was shot in the head by a stray bullet during the J'Ouvert Festival early this morning.

Gabay, 43, was shot in the head on Bedford Avenue near Sullivan Place around 3:45 a.m. Monday. ABC reports that Gabay was with his brother at the time: "They walked past an argument where shots were fired, and he was struck by at least one bullet." Cops confirmed he was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Gabay, who previously served as Assistant Counsel to the governor since 2011, was appointed first deputy counsel by Cuomo last January.

Update: Cuomo addressed the shooting during a pre-West Indian Day Parade breakfast. "He's now struggling for his life and I'm going to go visit him in the hospital now, because a random bullet hit him in the head and we believe he's in critical condition," he said, according to the News.

"He could have gone to any Wall Street firm and made multiples of what he was making for the state," Cuomo said. "He worked for the state, 43 years old, married." [Update: Cuomo said that Gabay's wife is pregnant, but he was mistaken.]

Here's Cuomo's full statement:

Early this morning, Carey Gabay—a member‎ of our administration—was shot in Brooklyn. Carey is now in critical condition at Kings County Hospital. Carey is First Deputy General Counsel at Empire State Development and was formerly an Assistant Counsel to the Governor.

Carey is an outstanding public servant who joined our administration in 2011. He is a Harvard-educated lawyer who works for the State because he wants to give back to others and make a difference. He is just 43 years old and is a kind-hearted man. Carey is a friend to all who have the pleasure of meeting him. I ask that New Yorkers join us by keeping him, his wife Trenelle and his family in their prayers at this time.

This tragic shooting—this one by another seemingly random bullet—is the latest heartbreaking reminder that the crime of gun violence must stop. Enough young, innocent people have died, and it must stop now.