Governor Cuomo announced that he was deploying an additional 1,000 New York National Guard soldiers to bolster the state's response to Hurricane Irene, bringing the total number of troops on state active duty up to 1,900. "It is important to take every precaution as we prepare for the impact of Hurricane Irene," Cuomo said. "Stay indoors during the course of the storm."

According to the Governor's office, the additional soldiers will be deployed to Long Island, New York City, and the Hudson Valley, and will assist "traffic control…sandbagging operations at the World Trade Center site, evacuation shelter operations…the construction of barriers for railway yards" and other efforts.

In a teleconference earlier today, President Obama lauded the cooperation between FEMA and state and local authorities in coordinating their response to the hurricane. "It's going to be a long 72 hours and obviously a lot of families are going to be effected," the President said. "What we heard, the biggest concern I am having right now is the flooding and power. It sounds like that is going to be an enormous strain on a lot of states and that may take days, even longer in some cases, depending on the track of the storm."