The magazine massacre rolls on at publishing empire Condé Nast, with the company reportedly cutting three more magazines: Gourmet, Cookie and Modern Bride. While NY1's Pat Kiernan is sad about Cookie crumbling, the gourmands out there will not be happy with the news of the nearly 70-year-old Gourmet folding, a mag the Times declares reached "biblical status in the food world."

Back in February when rumors whirled around about more cuts, Gourmet's in-house rival, Bon Appétit's publisher Paul Jowdy, said "They would never do that. They’re both very important magazines in the culinary world, and they’re very different magazines, and they’re both very healthy ... if you think of two of the most prestigious, credible, trusted magazines in the industry, you’re going to say Bon Appétit and Gourmet.” Of course, prestige, credibility and trust are nothing compared to the sharp blade of McKinsey consultants!