On Wednesday, it was reported that the latest John Gotti Jr. racketeering trial was experiencing internal problems because of Juror No. 7, a woman who allegedly enjoys "being escorted for cigarette breaks" and is happy to not be at work. Today, the Post is saying that the federal prosecutors' case is now in jeopardy of its fourth hung jury because of Juror No. 7's antics.

"Fellow jurors yesterday appeared to ostracize a young woman accused of creating a "hostile and uncomfortable environment" with her "foul mouth and pro-defense attitude," according to the Post. Juror No. 7 reportedly scowled through deliberations yesterday, and was ignored by her fellow jurors, one of whom even "swiveled his chair around and turned his back on" her during a lengthy delay. Judge Kevin Castel, ever the peace-maker, tried to calm everyone down, twice telling the jury "life is good," and encouraging them to clear their minds over the weekend and comeback refreshed next week.

Legal experts are not so sunny-minded, and say such "personality conflicts" make a hung jury even likelier. Previously, John Gotti Jr. went through three trials and three hung juries, prompting his mother to call the feds "little b----es."