2005_08_goodfellas.jpgWhat Gothamist would do to be present at the voir dire stage of John Gotti Jr.'s racketeering trial! Yesterday, potential jurors were grilled about their pop culture knowledge of the mob, and it sounded amazing. The guy "wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and black socks" admitted (!) he wrote that Al Capone was the "person he leasted admired" in order to not be chosen, but was kept in the pool, while the woman who said she immediately associated "Gotti" with the mafia was let go. The man who thought Marlon Brando "was good" in The Godfather stayed, as did the woman who watched Growing Up Gotti. Please, Growing Up Gotti is a call to show that being a Gotti is a tragic, insane thing - of course the defense would be okay to keep a GUG viewer. But it seems that most of the hilarity from the trial came from Judge Shira Sheindlin who asked who 50 Cent was (juror wrote she admired him) and said Goodfellas "was an awful, awful movie." Ugh, Gothamist hopes that doesn't bias jurors, because we think Goodfellas is a great movie. The 2-disc DVD has commentary by Henry Hill. And for more about the mob, there's the FBI's site about organized crime and Court TV's Crime Library on the Gambino Crime Family, and for more about Junior, check out Gangland News.