New troubles keep trumping old troubles in the already kinda-troubled John Gotti Jr racketeering trial. One juror was already excused because of some bad trades, but today the tabloids report that an anonymous letter has singled out Juror No. 7 for "diva-like behavior and a plan to push deliberations past Christmas."

In the two page letter (you can read it here), sent by "a concerned juror" to Judge Kevin Castel, it reads that the Juror in question, a female postal worker, "intends to take her time and is not going to allow any f---ing body to rush her to a decision," and that "she loves being escorted for her cigarette breaks, feels like a movie star and loves the attention. In my opinion, she is on jury duty for all the wrong reasons... Apparently she is looking forward to being put up in a hotel. She has made numerous remarks about how much she loves being on jury duty because it keeps her away from her job."

The letter also alleges that Juror No. 7 is unfairly biased toward the defense, because she has the hots for defense attorney Charles Carnesi, who she refers to as "her Man." Plus she also supposedly dispenses the F-word pretty casually.

Judge Castel delayed testimony to address the letter's concerns, questioning each jury member individually on whether they thought Juror No. 7 had committed any "misconduct," but no one has been dismissed yet. Maybe they can work it all out over a hot plate at Spaghetti Western.