John Gotti Jr. is in "excruciating pain" from infected kidney stones, and his lawyers say the prison's refusal to provide him with proper medical treatment amounts to "cruel and unusual punishment." His attorneys have been trying to get him out on bail before the start of his September racketeering trial, and in court papers obtained by the Daily News, they assert, "It is common knowledge that the pain associated with kidney stones is worse than childbirth." To back up their claim, they link to a medical website with testimonials from women who've endured both; one says, "Childbirth has nothing on kidney stones. When you are in labor the pain is like a wave. With a kidney stone it is constant. I would have 10 births before ever wanting to go through the pain of a stone." So given the choice, which would you prefer, a kidney stone or a kid? The former isn't very cute, but at least it never grows up and makes you take it to Hannah Montana.