Remember when Victoria Gotti had a reality show about her life with her three sons called Growing Up Gotti? Yeah, we barely do, too. But we bring this up because one of her boys, Carmine Agnello Jr., got arrested yesterday for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Oops!

"Dapper Don" John Gotti Sr.'s grandson was pulled over in Queens yesterday around 3 p.m. for driving a car with tinted windows and without a front license plate—but he was quickly taken to Jamaica's 103rd Precinct station house after the fact that his license was reportedly suspended came to light.

About three hours after he went in, the 25-year-old was seen leaving the station with some buddies. The last time we heard from the aspiring musician he was speaking out against his dad for abandoning his wife and kids once sprung from jail. You can add your own getting arrested/family business joke here if you'd like.