A judge has declared a mistrial in the case against former Gambino boss John Gotti Jr — again.

In its 11th day of deliberations, the deadlocked jury issued a note stating that they couldn't come to a consensus on any of the murder and racketeering charges against the mob scion, who claims he retired from organized crime in 1999. "We can not reach a unanimous decision on any count,” the jury’s note to Federal Judge Kevin Castel read, according to the Post. “We are deadlocked. There is not one member of the jury who believes we can reach a unanimous verdict on any count.”

The mistrial marks another major defeat for prosecutors, who have now tried and failed to convict Gotti Jr. four times — earning him the moniker the "Teflon Son," according to the Daily News. With this mistrial, Gotti Jr. has one-upped his father, John Gotti, who beat three cases against him before he was jailed for life. After attending an afternoon bail hearing, Gotti Jr. is expected to walk out of the courthouse as a free man for the first time since August 2008.

Despite the decision, Gotti Jr.'s sister Victoria told the Post her family did not emerge from the trial victorious. “There’s no winners here. We’re all losers. We’re ravaged. We’re beaten down but we’re not broken. That’s all I can say.”