2008_05_gottitapes.jpgThe NY Post must have a quota of Gotti front pages it must fill each year, because today's big news--according to the Post--is that the Gotti family is fighting over money that may or may not exist.

While greed is nothing new to the Gambinos, what does make this story interesting are details of a taped conversation between Gotti's daughter Victoria and "adopted son" Lewis Kasman. Kasman says to Victoria, "Do you realize how f---ed up our family is?" To which Victoria says, "Now you're realizing it? It's been like that forever."

The Post, taking sides, describes Kasman as a "world-class whiner and gossip" who wore a wire for the feds after a money laundering arrest. The tape was made in 2006, after a wake, when Kasman started to grill Victoria Gotti about the Dapper Don's inheritance.

"[Junior] tells everybody he has no money. When I hear that, I wanna lose my mind," Kasman said. "He has your mother believing that, you know."

Victoria agreed, saying, "She refuses to believe anything else."

"You and me should have what he had, and I hope he has it," Kasman said. "Where did it go?"

"Well I know I didn't get any of it," Victoria said. "And I didn't see anyone spending anything."

"It's not nice, your brother," Kasman pressed. "What about other people? Other people have to live and look at people every day. What about the people that stood by your father and did everything for him? That helped him and loved him and cherished him? What about us?"

Well, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Last week, the Post contacted Victoria Gotti, who said she remember the conversation with Kasman because "something was wrong with the way he was talking. He kept repeating himself." While one source believes John Gotti Sr. did leave behind millions, but Victoria's mother, also named Victoria, said, referring to Kasman, "I have no money because of that little bastard. He robbed millions from us and blamed my son for it."