John Gotti, the grandson of the legendary mobster, was in a Queens court room yesterday (wearing a Yankees cap!), facing the music over a Halloween night incident in Howard Beach. The 17-year-old son of Peter Gotti Jr. was busted when he and three passengers in his Infiniti SUV were fleeing the scene after one of them allegedly fired a pellet gun into a group of kids. According to the Post, "Gotti snitched on the trigger man," while the Daily News says he "broke from his family's undying devotion to the Mafia oath of omerta and pinned his legal troubles on a pal he knew only as 'Matt.'"

The Post reports that Gotti explained "Matt" allegedly "climbed into Gotti's truck, pulled a pellet gun from his pants and began firing at kids toilet-papering PS 207 in Howard Beach, Queens." As it happened, one of those pellet gun bullets almost hit a plainclothes cop who was there to break up the Halloween tricks. A prosecutor added that Gotti "was mad at Matt and began to punch him."

Peter Gotti Jr. told the Post, "Obviously I'm very disgusted, This is his first and last brush with the law," and said to the News, "I believe he's disciplined enough at home to never allow this to happen again." Gotti was released on his own recognizance and was charged with weapons possession and heavily tinted windows.