According to Governor Cuomo, despite federal fuel infusions, it is still going to be a "couple of days" before the crazy lines to get gas in the New York area ease up post-Hurricane Sandy. Which means that if you can in any way avoid driving or using gas over the next few days you really should. Still, if you must fill up, here are a number of online resources that you may find useful.

"There will be more of a supply of gasoline and more of a distribution," Cuomo explained at a press conference yesterday. "That does not mean there will be a total alleviation of the problem in the immediate future, but it is getting better." So what to do while we wait for that bright future? From the get go folks have been using the #nycgas hashtag to find gas—and that still is one source for gas info. But there are others:

  • This New York gas finder feed has real time updates on stations in the NYC area with gas—along with the price per gallon at the pump.

  • Hess has been pretty good about regularly updating this spreadsheet on the status of its pumps in the area.

  • If you prefer looking at a user-generated map of where there is gas this is the map you are looking for.

  • And if you want to find out the status of the stations in a particular area at a glance, this GasBuddy tool is pretty useful (if depressing depending on where you are looking).

But be warned that if you are going out to get gas today, tensions out there are still very high. Which is part of the reason that for the past few days the NYPD has been assigning personnel to "maintain order at gasoline stations where there were extensive lines." So please, try and be calm and patient.