Yesterday, the Washington Post Style section featured an article about weather bloggers--and we were in it! Even better, the piece mentioned several other weather-themed blogs that are definitely worth checking out:

wind, by Kathryn Saussy on the West Coast
WeatherBlog, by Ed Oswald in Philadelphia
WXNation, by Bill Young in North Texas

WeatherBlog and wind are reminiscent of Gothamist in their broad-ranging love and appreciation for all things weather-related. WXNation is a hotbed of links on up-to-the-minute weather news around the planet. And all three are going on our list of links, so you'll be able to dip into them as you please, alongside CapitalWeather, whose team was featured prominently in the article. (You may remember CapitalWeather blogger Jason Samenow from our entry on EPA SunWise--he was the guy with the super-cool UVA frisbees at the meteorology conference in New Orleans.)

Gothamist feels a bit sheepish for handing you the big salad (when Joe has been buying it all month long). In any case, it's official: the weather aficionados of the world have united. All your weather belong to us...