OK. Let's just get something really clear here: No matter how much you don't want a flight to leave the airport it is never, repeat never, a good idea to call in a fake bomb threat. We're only putting this out there because it seems there are others out there who don't understand this really simple concept. First there was the girl who called a bomb threat in because the subway was late and she didn't want her two boyfriends to meet and now there are these two not-so-swift brothers. They are charged with falsely reporting a terrorist threat to bomb a Delta jet.

Their parents, fuming over their 30-year-old daughter's relationship with a gas-station owner, had set up a marriage with a doctor back in India. So, in a desperate bid to elope with the man she loved, the daughter — not identified by police — bought plane tickets to Arkansas.

But the brothers learned of her plan and called the airport Jan. 17. They said they'd heard of a plot to bomb a plane there the next day — the day the couple was to fly out.

The FBI and the TSA were suspicious of the threat but beefed up security anyway. When the sister missed her flight (her brothers told her what they had done) investigators were tipped off, and the brothers were arrested Thursday.

So let's just go over this one last time. No matter what the case, it is almost always a terrifically bad idea to call in phony bomb threats to airports. Everybody clear on this now?

Also, don't shoot lasers at passing planes.

Delta Jet engine from garyhymes' flickr stream.