As we're now into the second day of Transit Strike 2005, Gothamist has to start wondering when will all of this end? We've heard some reports that the strike will end no sooner than Thursday. There was some novelty in day 1 of the strike and while we're still okay with our contingency plan today, how long can we take it?

2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgWill New Yorkers be celebrating the holidays at home, stuck and stranded from their loved ones across the city? Will we be ringing in the New Year's by watching the ball drop on Times Square filled with tourists? Wait, we already watch on TV. Anyway, how long can both sides go? the MTA has already declared an impasse in negotiations, which could eventually lead to binding arbitration. The TWU opposes arbitration as its members can't vote on it.

With limited progress made on contract negotiations, we ask you, when will service be restored after the strike?