Gothamist is striving to expand and deepen our coverage of New York City, and we're paying.

We want original, compelling, heartbreaking, funny, enraging, and enlightening stories that cut through the dull hum of the internet and help our readers better understand New York City and the people living in it.

We want true-life mysteries, explainers that reveal how some aspect of the city works, and thoroughly reported exposés of injustice or corruption.

A 1,500-word indictment of governmental incompetence is just as welcome as a 500-word profile of the rat-slaying building super who listens to Van Halen while on the hunt. We want scoops buried in public records or shoe-leathered-out in neighborhoods or at Kafkaesque community board meetings.

A few topics we're particularly interested in right now: the broken justice system, gentrification, school segregation, and solutions to the affordable housing crisis. Explore articles we've already published for more ideas.

We're also interested in short videos, photo features, and data visualizations that explore some of the topics outlined above.

We don't publish personal narratives unless they're extremely unusual or noteworthy.

Pay depends on experience, quality, and length. No fiction, please.

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