Shakespeare's Macbeth famously described the noise of New York City drivers' honking as tales "told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

From the hatchback's tinniest toot to the 18-wheeler's flatulent shock wave to the guy in a black SUV blocking the crosswalk HONKING so they can make a left turn to HONK get out of the HONK way of the cars multiplying HONK behind HOOOOOONK them, we New Yorkers have come to accept horn honking as a jaw-clenching, ear-splitting, fact of life. But why?

Gothamist sent video provocateur Jeff Seal to one of Manhattan's loudest cauldrons of rage—a few blocks from the entrance of the Holland Tunnel—to ask drivers the question on every helpless pedestrian's mind: why are you honking?

We also spoke with Dr. Arline Bronzaft, an environmental psychologist who has been studying noise in New York City for more than four decades, to try and understand how street noise affects your health, and why the city no longer enforces its $350 penalty for unnecessary honking.

You can watch more of Jeff Seal's videos here, but we suggest that you not emulate the practice of wandering out into traffic and interviewing enraged motorists.