Gothamist is always interested in New York crime stories, and yesterday's discovery of pipe bombs in Brooklyn Heights makes for a truly confusing case. Take a look at the details and post your hypothesis in comments. The opening of the Times article gives a sense of the strange intrigue:

Nearly two years ago, a 64-year-old military buff was arrested on charges that he set off a pipe bomb at a Brooklyn Heights party thrown for a friend, a woman who had just graduated from the Police Academy.

Yesterday, the police found five crude pipe bombs and two pistols in the back of a sport utility vehicle registered to the police officer after two anonymous 911 calls directed officers to the S.U.V., which was parked outside her Montague Street home, officials said.

Investigators believe the explosion in May 2001 and the incident yesterday, which led the police to shut down three square blocks in Brooklyn Heights for nearly four hours, may be related, officials said, though the investigators are not sure how.

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