2006_01_21_50thstreetstatio.jpgAre you looking to lose some time on this stunning spring winter Saturday? Why? It's nearly 60° outside! Ok, moving right along, assuming your bedridden, or using your laptop outside (or, y'know, looking at this at a later time) might we suggest the awesome tour of the original 28 subway stations currently going on at Forgotten NY?

While we always find ourselves getting lost in F-NY, this one's certainly a keeper. Part One goes from the City Hall to 33rd Streets stations (who knew the grates at the Bleeker Street station once let light in?) and Part Two wraps up the original 28 with the stations from 42nd to 145th Streets (where you'll find yet more awesome images like Evelyn Hofer's picture of the now lost distinctive cast-iron kiosks at 50th Street, right). Instead of worrying about the possibility of a second transit strike in the future, we recommend taking a nice look at some subway history instead.