2006_03_ggrdcrash.jpgOur favorite Roller Derby Girls have lost their home. The Gotham Girls Roller Derby is in search of a new place to call home as the Skate Key in The Bronx is shutting down. As a result, the GGRD has launched "Operation Crash Pad", a " campaign to find a new practice location and game venue." Their season is scheduled to start on April 7th. As of now, there is no cut-off date to get a venue selected.

amNY reported yesterday that the league is scouting out a few potential locations including the Empire Roller Skating Center near Prospect Park. It's also reported that the Long Island Roller Rebels have offered practice space. Ginger Snap from the GGRD let Gothamist know this morning that they "have lots of irons in the fire, but nothing that's solid right now. We are keeping our options open - looking at gyms, colleges, parks, clubs, anything with a skate-able surface where we can practice or hold a game." Ginger also told us that they hope not to deviate from their planned schedule as much as possible but that they are open to change. "If George Steinbrenner offers us some huge venue, we'd probably be open to shifting some dates around for him."

Despite the questions surrounding the season, the GGRD will proceed with their DerbyTaunt Ball this Sunday at the Delancey. At the Taunt, they'll be choosing up teams, introducing new players and the Bronx Gridlock, the newest team in the league.

Gothamist previously interviewed Kelly Kwedar from the GGRD where she's known as Li'l Red Terror.