The primary is next Tuesday, and it seems like some registered Democrats still don't know who they will vote for in various races. Luckily, Gotham Gazette has some great resources for New Yorkers, including an excellent Guide for the Last Minute Voter. GG has a handy grid of where the candidates stand on the issues, as well as a grid of which endorsements they have received. And you can see what other races, such as for Manhattan Borough President, Public Advocate, and City Council, are being run in their Campaign 2005 section - you can find your Council district there, too!

So, get informed and get ready to vote on September 13. You'll be happier on Election Day (November 8) if you do. And why, dead God, is P.Diddy so quiet about voting or dying this time around? We'll have to comfort ourselves with the Douche or Turd episode of South Park.