At his afternoon press conference, Mayor Bloomberg announced a new interactive way for people in need of housing because of Hurricane Sandy to connect with people who have room to take in those without heat and power. Already, 136 people have opened up their homes for free to people affected by Sandy via Airbnb. And you can too if you have the space!

It comes at exactly the right time, now that FEMA and the Red Cross are both curtailing operations on Staten Island, Coney Island, and the Rockways because of the Nor'Easter blowing through town. Airbnb aren't charging any fees from housing arrangements made, but guests will need to provide credit card information in order to verify identity.

"If you live close to an affected area and have an extra house, an extra room, or even a spare couch, we encourage you to sign up to help," Airbnb wrote on its blog. And considering the considerable challenges of finding housing for 20-40K people whose homes were damaged during the storm, it's something a lot of people could really use right now.