Tonight at midnight Al Gore's TV network, Current TV (not to be confused with the reincarnated A Current Affair), is set to debut on channel 103 on Time Warner, 366 on DirecTV. Intended to be "the television homepage for the internet generation" the new channel has gotten a lot of press since it was announced mostly because of Gore's name. The format for the new network is apparently a series of "pods" (ugh, they mean clips of five or so minutes) created by professionals and amateurs who upload to the Current site. Every half hour there will be a news update based on the most popular news searches on Google.

Current got some flack last year for reneging on its initial plan to hire 200 video journalists after more than 2000 people applied. They claim the decision was made in order to keep the new network more democratic with anyone able to provide content, instead of an "elite 200." In any event, this is the second heavily publicized network launch in a month (Logo, MTV's gay network being the first). Are you going to check it out, or just wait to see if it's still around next week?