The Post happily gets on the pizza bandwagon - the online-pizza-guide-for-Republican- National-Conventioneers bandwagon that is, by mentioning GOPizza today. GOPizza, which was launched last week from the Slice empire, is called a way "to help the uninitiated avoid major embarrassment," because if there's one thing the Post knows about, it's major embarrassment.

Read Gothamist's exclusive interview with GOPizza creator Adam Kuban, which includes his thoughts on what will happen to GOPizza after the convention (yes, there will be "after the convention," when we hope all our worrying will have been for naught). Adam, your plan to infiltrate the pages of the Post has worked - congratulations! And you can download Slice's guide to pizzas onto your iPod - piPod! GOPizza is especially useful these days, since the NYC host committee took down Mayor Giuliani's restaurants picks for delegates and guests.