Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, who lost the NY State Republican party's support to be the Republican nominee for the governor's race this fall, is being pressured to drop out of the race. Weld, who can still force a primary after earning more than a third of the NYS Republican party's votes, has lost support from both the current and former NY State Republican Party chairmen, who are urging him to quit, probably in order for John Faso to focus his efforts on defeating the looming favorite, Democratic nominee and current Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Weld is supposed to announce his plans today. A source told the NY Times Weld's chances of staying in the race were "50-50," which really isn't that high. And Weld would need to put a lot of his own money into the race.

Update: Weld has officially dropped out. It'll be Faso v. Spitzer this fall (though Democrat Tom Suozzi is still very vocal in opposing Spitzer).