In 2008, Candidate Barack Obama criticized Hillary Clinton's campaign for creating an ad that invoked Osama Bin Laden and implicitly questioned his readiness for the position. "We already have a President who plays the politics of fear, and we don't need another," his spokesman said at the time. Well, in 2012 the polls are a little tighter than Obama would like them to be, so Fear is again our friend (did you know that he killed Osama bin Laden with his bare hands?) But Republicans are SHOCKED that other politicians might try to scare up votes.

"No one disputes that the President deserves credit for ordering the raid, but to politicize it in this way is the height of hypocrisy," Senator John McCain said in a statement released through the RNC. "This is the same President who said, after bin Laden was dead, that we shouldn't 'spike the ball' after the touchdown. And now Barack Obama is not only trying to score political points by invoking Osama bin Laden, he is doing a shameless end-zone dance to help himself get reelected," McCain added, presumably before whispering "stirring fears of Mexicans doesn't count."

A spokesman for Mitt "Elect Me Or Iran Will Get The Bomb" Romney agrees: "It's now sad to see the Obama campaign seek to use an event that unified our country to once again divide us, in order to try to distract voters."

And who could forget the Mayor of 9/11 Town, who has made a career out of scaring the bejesus out of people and sneering at Obama about how he doesn't kill enough people in the Middle East (which happens to be complete bullshit).

We'll leave you with this campaign video from the 2008 RNC; we need a shower.