The GOP is trying to stop its guests and delegates from really getting to know NY during the upcoming convention by taking down the Top 10 lists of restaurants, cheap things to do, and museums submitted by politicians like Mayor Bloomberg, former Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki off the GOPNY2004 website. Why? The NY Times offers that Giuliani's Top 10 list of restaurants was "too spicy" as it had been mentioned earlier in the trial of mobster Joseph Massino that Giuliani's pick, Da Nico, was a hangout for mobsters. Hey, if the point of the convention is for out-of-towners to see how the city works, Gothamist thinks few things could be truer than seeing mobsters doing their thing. The convention committee claims the top ten lists were taken down for "space reasons." HA! It was what, five pages at most, and not that graphics heavy. Gothamist knows a few information architects and web technologists who could probably help them with their "space" issues. Dude, though there's talk of Giuliani running for President in 2008 (as he was asked this morning), it's not happening when the GOP is acting like this.

Perhaps a more compelling reason as to why Giuliani's list was taken down might be the various health code violations at the restaurants, noted by the Village Voice [via Curbed]. As for Da Nico, Gothamist has never been but now we have all the more reason to go.