Wide image of Google Maps' (correct) explanation of how to use the subway from Grand Central to Madison Square Garden, with inset of the incorrect Google Maps ad

As a reader pointed out, while Google's Google Maps ads-wrapped subway cars are nifty-looking, an ad inside the car "mislabels Times Square as Grand Central Station." The mistake implies that one can get the 1, 2 or 3 from Grand Central--when everyone knows that the only way to get to the 1, 2, or 3 from Grand Central is to take the S shuttle or the 7 (if the S isn't working) to Times Square first, and then get the 1, 2, or 3 there. At least, that's what experience and Google Maps tells us.

The error was also noticed by AdAge, which did not hear from Google nor CBS Outdoor (the media company) for comment. However, there were some people offering comments freely: Subway riders. One Brooklyn resident told the Daily News, "That's basic New York City information. The red lines run on the West [Side]," while a West Sider said, "It goes through so many hands before they put it up and they still make it complicated. It amazes me." ValleyWag adds, "Doesn't Google have a large New York office full of employees who might have been called on to vet the ads in their 20 percent time?"

UPDATE: Google confirmed that "the error is in fact NOT with the Google Maps transit product, but was an unfortunate error when typing the text of the ad, as 'Grand Central Station' was written instead of 'Times Square'. However, a search with Google Maps for Grand Central Station to Madison Square Garden *will* give tourists the right directions! We're working very quickly to correct it, and hope to remove the incorrect advertisement today."