Google has added bicycle directions to their American Maps. This handy video shows you how it works, but it's not brain surgery; you just click on "Get Directions" link in Google Maps and choose the "Bicycling" option from the drop down menu. Enter the origin and destination, and you'll get turn-by-turn directions. The map indicates dedicated bike paths (no cars) in dark green, while roads with bike lanes are shown in light green.

Many New Yorkers may still prefer Ride the City, which uses Google Maps anyway, but also meticulously tracks elevation data and shares bikers' favorite routes. But cyclists in other parts of the country unserved by Ride the City are going to appreciate this.

We requested a Google Maps route from 253 Conover Street in Red Hook (Sunny's) to 366 Columbus Avenue (Shake Shack) and the result was exactly how we would have gone anyway—over to the Hudson River Greenway as directly as possible. Now we just need a Google Breathalyzer test to let us know if we're okay to ride.