Nineteen alleged members of the “Goodfellas” gang in Harlem have been arrested for smuggling guns and stashing them in every conceivable place they could find, including gutters, mailboxes, roofs, and under stoops. All 19 were charged with conspiracy, and some were also charged with weapons possession, firearms trafficking and attempted murder. “With today’s law enforcement action, we believe we have dismantled one of Central Harlem’s most violent and destructive street gangs,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.

The "Goodfellas" gang, also known as “The New Dons” or “OTN” and “One Twenty-Nine,” were based around 129th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem. Vance said gang members used the guns to fight turf battles with rivals, and two members of the gang were charged with attempted murder in relation to one of those nonfatal turf battles. The gang—who allegedly imported, sold and used weapons including semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, assault weapons, a TEC-9 machine pistol and a Chinese SKS military semi-automatic rifle—got the majority of their guns from Virginia, which is where a majority of the city's illegal guns originate.

Both 17-year-old Willie Moore, who went by the street nam “Too Wild Willie,” and 18-year-old Hodean Graham, who went by “Gotti Twin,” were charged with attempted murder. Other gang members arrested included the colorfully-named “Nasty,” “Curt,” “Little V,” “Kody,” “Danny Boy,” “Bula,” “Mr. Untouchable," and “Tinky.”