2005_04_wifi.jpgVerizon will be pulling the virtual plug on its free NYC WiFi for DSL subscribers in the next two months. Verizon had put WiFi transmitters in phone booths, making their customers happy, but now the Big Bell doesn't feel it's as attractive a business opportunity and will be upgrading their system from WiFi to a "fee-based cellular Internet service." The EV-DO system is more powerful than WiFi and will probably be offered, along with a hike your Verizon bills.

What WiFi service providers do you use when you're out of your office or home? Is it a predominantly about stealing WiFi? Here's a list of the Verizon hotspots; the least popular locations will be turned off first, and slowly the others will be unavailable over the next two months. More resources: NYC Wireless, which promote wirelessness in the city (here's a map of free wireless connections) and use Google's local searches to find hotspots like this. Updated: NY magazine speaks with Public Advocate wannabe Andrew Rasiej, who wants to wire the subways for cellphones and make NYC a WiFi Eden.